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Tech Data

NT 9100



NLGI Grade 0 1 1.5 ASTM D-1092
Worked Penetration 355-385 310-340 295-310 ASTM D- 217
Dropping Point   None   ASTM D-2265
Oxidation StabilityPSI Drop @ 100 hrs   2   ASTM D- 942
Rust Preventative   1a   ASTM D-1743
Water Washout   1   ASTM D-1264
Four Ball Wear   4mm   ASTM D-2266
Solids   PTFE    
NSF/USDA Rating   H-1    
Appearance   Clear/Translucent    
Maximum Reommended RPM (Bearings)   2700    
Maximum Operating Temperature   685°F (363°C)