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Technical and Application Data

Decra Kote 4000


Decra Kote 4000 is an interior/exterior water reducible acrylic finish with superior film properties, formulated to provide a low sheen & hard protective finish on asphalt, concrete or other masonry surfaces. Decra Kote 4000 may be applied over old paint if it is firmly bonded and shows no signs of delamination. Decra Kote 4000 may not properly bond to glossy paints. A test patch & adhesion check is recommended by using duct tape after two full days of proper drying. When selecting colors, dark colors are better for high traffic areas. Light colors are more preferable for foot traffic areas, such as patios, pool decks, & walkways as lighter colors are cooler.


Patios, walkways, pool decks, garage floors, concrete & asphalt driveways and metal surfaces. Not recommended for wood.


  • Low Sheen Finish ( Top Coat With “Aqua Crete” To Achieve A Higher Gloss)
  • Resists fading
  • Resists cracking & peeling
  • Resists mildew
  • Easy to apply
  • GL-600 non slip aggregate included in each kit.

Note: When applying to metal surfaces, #5501 metal primer should be used prior to application of Decra Kote 4000.

Note: On dense slick concrete, dilute Decra Kote 4000 with 1 pint water to 1 gallon Decra Kote 4000 on 1st coat. Apply 2nd coat undiluted.


Stir from the bottom with vigorous strokes. Do not add oil or other paints. Do not use bristle brushes to stir. A “Jiffy” mixing tool & 3/8” drill is excellent for thoroughly mixing this product. This type mixer is easily found at most hardware and home improvement retail outlets.


Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take internally. If swallowed contact physician immediately. Do not allow to freeze. Keep away from direct heat & open flame.


Concrete must be at least 30 to 45 days old, clean, dry and free of all grease, oil, loose paint, dust, etc. If necessary, clean with a good degreaser or detergent and brush and/or pressure wash. For best results on previously coated or bare non-porous slick steel troweled concrete, thin with water as a primer coat. (Follow label directions). Inclined surfaces may result in a degree of slipperiness. User should determine if GL-600 Non Slip (included with each kit) should be used. DO NOT ETCH concrete with an acid solution. When applying over previously coated gloss surfaces, sand with a 80 to 100 grit sanding disc.


Stir from bottom with vigorous strokes. Decra Kote 4000 is a two (2) coat process & should be applied using a medium nap roller or airless sprayer. The first coat must be thinned with 1 pint of water to 1 gallon of Decra Kote 4000. This allows penetration. The second coat must be applied after waiting a minimum of 2 hours, full strength. Do not thin second coat. When using roller, always roll second coat perpendicular to the first coat. Surface will be tack free in one hour. A cleaning & testing area is strongly recommended to insure applicability. Ready for pedestrian traffic in 2 hours & vehicle traffic in 72 hours. Decra Kote 4000 can be applied using brush, roller, or airless sprayer. When using airless sprayer, use low pressure with tip not exceeding. 015. Always spray material wet & liberal to allow full penetration. Decks usually have black algae stains. Algae is a bacteria that must be removed prior to using Decra Kote 4000. Correct method for removal is to use ordinary household bleach at a ratio of one (1) part water to one (1) part bleach. Scrub thoroughly & rinse aggressively. Let completely dry before applying first coat of Decra Kote 4000.


 Technical Data

Low Satin Luster
% Solids by Weight
% Solids by Volume
Recommended Coverage
Avg. 175-225 Sq FtPer Gallon On Porous Surfaces
% Vehicle Solids by Wt
% Pigment by Wt
% Volatile by Wt
Viscosity Stormer
85-87 KU
Maximum VOC
350 Grams/Liters
9.94 lbs.
Colors See Color Chart
Flash Point N/A
Dry Time 70° F, 50% RHTouch - 1 hour(Depending on weather)
Recoat 2 Hours(High humidity and/or low temperatures will effect dry time).
Reduction Solvent Water