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Tech Data

Pro Master Platinum


Coating2- Part High Build Solvent Epoxy
Applicable surfacesConcrete, fiberglass, plaster, gunite
Life Expectancy
20 years
Mix ratio1:1
CoverageApprox. 500 sqft/ 2 gal kit/ coat (2 coats needed)
Primer NeededNo
ApplicationRoller (preferred), brush, spray
Roller Recommendations

3/8 inch or 1/2 inch nap: mohair metal, lambskin, or phenolic core roller

Spray RecommendationsConventional air 50 – 70 psi (tip size .055 - .070); Airless 2200 – 2500 psi (tip size .019 - .023)
Colors AvailableWhite, Medium Blue, Aqua, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, or Black
Vehicle TypeEpoxy Resin &Polymide Curing Agents
Solvent TypeHigh Flash Naphta, Diacetone Alcohol, Butyl Cellosolve
Packaging1 gallon cans (2 per case)
Application Temperature50 – 90°F
Shelf Life1 year in unopened containers
Pot Life30 min – 1 hour at 75°F
Drying timeDries to touch in 6-8 hours; recoat with 16 – 72 hours; wait 5 days to fill pool after final coat; add 1 day of drying  time per day of rain
Solids by Weight68%
Weight per Gallon11.8 lbs / gallon (varies by color)
Recommended Dry FilmUp to 5.6 mils
Recommended ReducerXylene or High Flash Naphta
Resistant toChlorine, Alkali, Algae, Mineral Oils, Fresh and Salt Water
OdorMild petroleum
Flash Point105°F
Boiling Point237°F Part A (243°F Part B)
Viscosity at 75°F120 – 140 KU (mixed)
Specific gravity1.27 – 1.52 Part A (1.45 Part B)
Solubility in waterNot soluble
Total VOC340 g/l maxiumum
Clean UpXylene
Avoid contact withStrong oxidizing agents
Storage recommendationsKeep container tightly closed. Store away from heat, electrical equipment, sparks, and open flame.
Safety measuresUse gloves and safety eyewear to guard against prolonged contact or splashed liquids. A NIOSH approved respirator is recommended during spray application.

Application Instructions:

Calculate the amount of paint needed for optimal coverage using this formula:
Length of pool x width of pool x 1.7 = Square footage
Multiply square footage x 2 (for recommended 2 coats), then divide by 500 (approximate coverage of a 2 gallon kit.
Resulting number is number of kits needed for optimal coverage. Note: coverage may be less on bare or sandblasted surfaces.

Surface Preparation

Remove all paint, dirt, grease, or oil from pool surface by water blasting. Scrub surface with a Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) wash, and then etch with a muriatic acid solution (15-20%). Thoroughly rinse with TSP and plenty of fresh water. Allow pool to dry thoroughly. If the previous surface had a glossy finish, power sand for proper adhesion (80 grit profile).

No primer needed. Only apply Pro Master Platinum at temperatures between 50 – 90 degrees F. Not recommended for vinyl lined pools.

Mixing & Application

Mix parts A and B separately for at least 2 – 3 minutes. Combine parts A and B at a 1:1 mix ratio and mix for another 2 – 3 minutes. Allow solution to rest for up to 5 minutes before applying. Estimated pot life is 30 minutes to 1 hour at 75°F (humidity at 50%). Higher temperatures will decrease the pot life. Only mix enough epoxy that can be used within 1 – 2 hours.

For optimum rollout performance a recommend reducer may be used, such as Xylene or High Flash Naphta, as long as it does not exceed 10% of each gallon.

Apply Pro Master Platinum by roller (highly recommended), spray or brush. Choose an appropriate roller, such as a 3/8' or 1/2' nap mohair metal, lambskin, phenolic core roller. Keep roller wet. Roll in one direction, rewet, then cross roll. For conventional air sprayers, a tip size of 0.055 – 0.070 is recommended at 50 – 70 psi. For airless sprayers, use a tip size of 0.019 – 0.023 at 2200 – 2500 psi.

Pro Master Platinum dries to a gloss finish. For a non-skid finish, add pumice stone, marble dust, or sand to paint as needed.

Drying Time

Pro Master Platinum dries to the touch within 6 – 8 hours at 75°F. Higher temperatures and lower humidity will decrease drying time. A second coat (recommended) may be applied within 16 – 72 hours.

Before filling the pool with water, wait a minimum of 5 days to allow for complete cure. For each day of rain that occurs during the drying time, wait one additional day before filling.