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20 Year Epoxy Pool Coating

Pro Master Platinum


  • High Endurance Epoxy Coating
  • Six Stunning Colors
  • Resists Chlorine & UV Rays

The ultimate in high endurance swimming pool paint, Pro Master Platinum is the premium paint choice to maintain eye catching, richly colored pools and spas. Pro Master Platinum is a two-part epoxy pool coating with a 20 year life expectancy without fading, chalking, staining, etc. Cover your pool with Pro Master Platinum, a superior glossy tile finish that will last for decades.

Brilliant Finish On: Indoor or Outdoor Pools • Spas • Decorative Ponds

Perfect For: Homeowners • Resorts • Golf Courses • Recreation Areas & Parks • Apartment Complexes

                       20 Year Life Expectancy

We are proud to offer the finest epoxy pool coating on the market today - Pro Master Platinum is a two-part high build epoxy paint with a life expectancy of 20 years. It is an ideal coating for fiberglass or concrete pools and spas as it coats concrete, fiberglass, gunite, or plaster with a tile-like finish. This 20-year epoxy coating offers a more durable finish that significantly outlasts other epoxy and chlorinated rubber coatings. In addition, Pro Master Platinum’s solvent-based epoxy has excellent fill qualities that produce a smooth hard finish over imperfect pool surfaces, making it a good alternative to plaster.

Pro Master Platinum covers bare concrete as well as most existing epoxy pool coatings that are still in good condition. Two coats of this 20 year epoxy coating bring a top of the line finish to new or faded pool surfaces.

This epoxy pool coating offers only the best performance characteristics available today.  With Pro Master Platinum, we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with this 'never paint again' epoxy pool coating.

Brilliant Long-Lasting Colors

This top-rated product offers six brilliant colors to enhance the poolside ambiance of any home, spa, or apartment complex: Medium Blue, Aqua, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, White and Black. The secret to Pro Master Platinum’s high endurance lies in its Silicone and UV Stabilizers that act as sunblock for the pool coating.

These stabilizers cure Pro Master Platinum to a tile finish for excellent color retention and long-lasting protection, as they are incredibly resistant to both chlorine and harmful UV rays.

Color Chart

Pro Master Platinum delivers the longest-lasting protection against fading, chlorine and other chemicals, abrasion, algae, pool cleaning machines, mineral oils, fresh or salt water, and daily wear and tear. This 20 year epoxy pool coating helps keep maintenance low by forming a highly attractive and impervious finish with excellent color retention

Strong Glossy Finish

The high solids content of Pro Master Platinum brings maximum protection to its glossy finish for a strong bond and long-lasting finish. For a non-skid finish, add pumice stone, marble dust or sand to the paint as needed before application.

This two-part high build epoxy pool coating is packaged in 2 gallon kits - each kit holds two 1-gallon cansof epoxy resin and polymide curing agents to be mixed at a 1:1 mix ratio. Each kit covers approximately 500 square feet of surface area with one coat of paint. We recommend two coats for maximum protection and coverage.

As Pro Master Platinum is self-priming, no primer is needed, although basic surface preparation is required (see Tech Data sheet for more detailed information). For optimum results, apply Pro Master Platinum by roller (highly recommended), spray or brush. This 20 year epoxy pool coating has a pot life of 30 minutes to 1 hour, and dries to the touch within 6 hours. The pool can be refilled after five days of drying time.

Premium pools and spas deserve to be protected by only the finest, most durable products. Look to Pro Master Platinum for top of the line, brilliant colors guaranteed to outlast any coating on the market today.

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