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Tech Data

DalTrax 400



Solids by Weight 96%+/-2%
Volatile Content 35 g/L
Available Colors White, Tan, Black and Limestone
Hardness 25-30 Shore A (ASTM C661)
Tensile Strength

350 psi (ASTM D412)

Elongation at Break 800% (ASTM D412)
Tear Strength 50 pli (ASTM D1004)
Adhesion in Peel 30 pli (ASTM C794)
Weight Loss 3% after heat aging (ASTM C792)
Cracking and Chalking None after heat aging (ASTM C792)
Shelf Life 1 year in unopened, properly stored containers
Coverage Approximate coverage rate per tube at ½” wide by ¼” deep is 12 feet One cartridge is 300 ml (10.1 fl.oz.)
Recommended Film Thickness Minimum ¼” joint depth, with the depth at least half the joint width. Maximum depth is ½’.
Bond Durability

Aluminum and concrete – passes 35% movement (ASTM C719)

Water Immersion Passes ten weeks with movement cycling at 1220F (ASTM C1247)
Artificial Weathering Xenon arc at 3000 hours, no surface cracking (ASTM G26) Xenon arc at 250 hours, passes (ASTM C793)
Cure Schedule (75) Recoat or topcoat – 24 hours Functional – 3 days Full cure (normal use) – 1 week (Lower temperatures and humidity will extend curing time.)
Application Temperature 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (Service temperature range -40 to 180 degrees F)


• Do not let uncured product come in to contact with solvents or alcohol-based materials.
• Do not allow product to come in contact with oil-based caulking, oil, asphalt, tar, polysulfide, or uncured silicone sealants.

DalTrax 400 is single component, urethane based sealant and caulking compound suitable for use in many everyday applications:

• Expansion joints • Water wells • Parapets • Precast units • Manholes • Panel walls
• Roofing • Spillways • Aluminum and wood window frames • Vinyl siding • Storm drains

DalTrax 400 is also great for underwater immersion service and is available in your choice of four popular colors.