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20 Year Sealant & Caulk

DalTrax 400


-20°F (-29°C) To 630°F (332°C)

  • Excellent For Underwater Immersion
  • 20 Year Life Expectancy
  • 4 Colors Available
  • Non Sag Formulation

DalTrax 400 is a specially formulated, high-performance sealant and caulking compound designed to seal cracks and holes in a wide variety of applications and surfaces. A one component, non-sag sealer and filler, DalTrax 400 requires no pre-application priming and bonds to many types of substrates, including masonry and concrete. This Urethane based sealant and caulking compound also offers a quality waterproof seal that can last up to 20 years once applied to a surface. DalTrax 400 is even suitable for use in underwater immersion applications.

DalTrax 400’s special urethane formula is durable, dependable and long-lasting. Its unique, non-sag formulation creates a strong bond and steadfast seal that holds up for years, even in the most challenging environmental conditions.

DalTrax 400 Offers Premium Benefits Other Sealers Lack

Unlike many typical sealers, DalTrax 400 offers many premium benefits. There’s no need to prime any surface prior to applying DalTrax 400’s special urethane formula. Simply load a tube of DalTrax 400 into any standard caulking gun with a suitable thrust ratio, and apply this Urethane based sealant and caulking compound right where you need it.

An application of DalTrax 400 dries within 24 hours and is fully cured for normal use within one week. This superior sealing and caulking compound can be applied in a wide range of outdoor temperatures – from 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit – and can withstand even extreme temperature variances – from -40 degrees up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

DalTrax is a superior, highly durable compound that forms a secure bond and watertight seal on many types of substrates, including concrete and masonry, and is excellent for use in underwater immersion applications. Once applied and full cured, DalTrax 400 offers a 20-year life expectancy, giving you years of maintenance-free service. DalTrax 400 also features a one year shelf life, when the product is properly stored in its original unopened container.

Versatile DalTrax 400 Works Great in Many Applications

DalTrax 400 can be used just about anywhere in areas where cracks and holes need a permanent waterproof seal. Try this special Urethane based sealant and caulking compound in all of your everyday applications including: Expansion joints • Water wells • Parapets • Precast units • Manholes • Panel walls • Roofing • Spillways • Aluminum and wood window frames • Vinyl siding • Storm drains

Because DalTrax 400 is so versatile and resilient in a wide variety of applications, the re’s no need to buy any other lower-grade sealant or caulking compound!

Available Colors:

DalTrax 400’s special urethane formula is available in your choice of four popular colors including:

Coverage and Packaging Information:

A single cartridge contains 10.1 fluid ounces or 300 ml of DalTrax 400’s special Urethane based sealant and caulking compound. Each tube is 18 cubic inches and comes packaged in four convenient carton sizes.

  • 2 Cartridge Case
  • 6 Cartridge Case
  • 12 Cartridge Case
  • 24 Cartridge Case

Let DalTrax 400’s specially formulated, urethane based sealant and caulking compound be your permanent, long-lasting solution for all your sealing and caulking needs.

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