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Industrial Non Slip Coating | Heavy Duty

Traction ProGrip 900


  • Rugged Grip
  • Durable Surface
  • Sure Footing in Hazardous Areas

Our customers know that nothing beats Traction ProGrip 900 at turning the most hazardous industrial area into a stable, nonslip working surface. This tough industrial non slip coating is the proven industry leader in strength and tenacity. Only Traction ProGrip 900 adheres to aluminum, concrete, steel, diamond plate, fiberglass, and other surfaces with the strength to withstand heavy industrial traffic, including steel wheel traffic. We guarantee that this epoxy non slip coating and aggregate will endure moisture, traffic, chemical, and weather for up to seven years. Ideal for manufacturing, industrial production, aviation, and food and beverage processing areas and infrastructure.

Super Strength Traction ProGrip 900

Industrial areas take a beating day in and day out from high traffic, unforgiving wheels, and harsh chemicals. Only a truly rugged non slip coating can stand up to these rigors and provide enough traction to improve the safety of hazardous environments. Choose Traction ProGrip 900 for an incredibly tough, easy to apply, long lasting non-slip coating perfect for warehouses, production areas, and shipyards. Dramatically improve forklift safety within your warehouse by preventing dangerous slipping and sliding on inclines, ramps or loading docks.

Traction ProGrip 900 consists of our specially developed 100% solids epoxy liquid coupled with our extremely hard GL 400 aggregate. The heavy-duty GL 400 aggregate is the secret ingredient that makes this industrial non slip coating the best anti slip floor coating on the market today. GL 400 is rated even harder and tougher than silicon carbide. With a coefficient of friction greater than 1.57, no other product compares in long-term, anti-slip safety performance that resists abrasion for many years. Traction ProGrip 900 not only repels abrasion, but also chemicals such as acids, salt spray, and cleaners.

Powerfully Bonds to Virtually Any Industrial Surface

Traction ProGrip 900 functions so well in heavy industrial or commercial environments because of its powerful bond. This industrial non slip coating adheres to porous and non-porous surfaces, including aluminum, concrete, diamond plate, steel, wood, and fiberglass. With the proper surface preparation, this coating will bond with industrial surfaces for up to 5-7 years.
As this non slip coating will not slough off despite forklift traffic, aircraft traffic, auto traffic, or steel wheel traffic, choose Traction ProGrip 900 for manufacturing, aviation, infrastructure, and industrial environments (not recommended for barefoot or light foot traffic). Keep steady footing on wet, slick, or metal surfaces and prevent falls and injuries with Traction ProGrip 900.
Our customers know that the versatility of Traction ProGrip 900 effectively handles practically any facility or traffic. But dont take our word for it, apply this non slip coating to any one or all of the following surfaces and discover a new level of ruggedness in anti-slip technology.

Effective Non-Slip Protection For

Bridge Decks and Catwalks • Coolers and Food Storage Areas • Industrial Ramps • Firehouses • Industrial Production Areas • Loading Docks, Dock Plates • Shipyards • Stair Treads and Access Hatches • Tanks, Silos and Sewers • Trailers, Hydraulic Lifts • Warehouse floors


 Lightweight and strong, aluminum supports vast stretches of industrial flooring, including tractor-trailer interiors, stair treads, ramps, platforms, and access ramps. Choose Traction ProGrip 900 to ensure steady footing on transportation and public works surfaces such as pull box covers, lift gates, water treatment facilities, manhole covers, trench covers, water meter vault access covers, and sidewalk grating. Despite its slick, non-porous surface, this industrial non slip coating adheres tenaciously to aluminum with light sanding. Improve wheelchair and tire traction on ADA ramps, safety road plates, plank grating, and bridge decks. 


Brick walkways, staircases, and loading docks can also benefit from the surefooted surface brought by Traction ProGrip 900. This non slip coating combats the potential slickness of worn brick surfaces, mildew, moisture, or ice.

Concrete/Concrete Block

Apply Traction ProGrip 900 to virtually any concrete and concrete block flooring - interior or exterior, aged or new concrete - for transformed high-traction surfaces ready for work around the clock. Non-slip coating is an excellent addition to floors in warehouses, storage areas, firehouse floors, drive through areas, parking decks, coolers, food storage areas, piers, and docks.

Diamond Plate

Traction ProGrip 900 enhances the natural non slip properties of steel, stainless, or aluminum diamond tread plate, bonding with the smooth metal finish for the ultimate in ridged, all-wheel traffic non-slip coating. Try this non slip coating on trailer interiors, portable or permanent loading ramps, trench covers, elevator floors, freezer floors, catwalks, ambulance interiors, or even firetruck footplates.


For fiberglass floors where sanitation, chemical resistance, and resistance to corrosion are essential, use Traction ProGrip 900 to prevent slippage in potentially slick environments. The strong bond of this non slip coating prevents it from washing or scrubbing off during frequent high pressure washes in areas like livestock trailers, grain trucks, silage trucks, and loading ramps. Also suitable for floors exposed to corrosive chemicals or loading areas, truck floors, or utility trailers. 

Steel or Steel Plate  

As with aluminum flooring or ramps, Traction ProGrip 900 provides much needed traction to heavy duty steel flooring. Applications for steel surfaces are endless, including tanks, crossovers, drain covers, silos, loading docks, inclines, and gangways. Traction ProGrip 900 is a top of the line choice for infrastructure like sidewalk gratings, parking areas, subway stairs, platforms, road and bridge plates, and other transit system areas. Aviation professionals and military personnel have also found this product tough enough to coat tarmac plates, portable access stairways, escape and cargo tank hatches, helicopter pads, and engine room decks. Put safety first in slippery work areas, such as: oil refineries, oil rigs, elevated walkways, drilling components, wastewater treatment plants, turn tables, steel mills, and around heavy machinery. 

Wood (Cured)

You can also improve the traction of cured wood surfaces such as thresholds, platforms, and ramps - with Traction ProGrip 900. The level of performance of this highly textured epoxy and aggregate is guaranteed to boost the workability of wooden surfaces. 

100% Guaranteed for Up to 7 Years

We aren't exaggerating when we say that Traction ProGrip 900 is the best heavy duty, non-slip safety coating on the market today. We are so convinced that you will be entirely pleased with the long-lasting bond of Traction ProGrip 900 that we guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. 

Product Details

Once dried, the odorless epoxy finish and aggregate is ready for light traffic within 8 to 10 hours and can be cleaned with a brush or pressure washer. The charcoal GL 400 aggregate adds a slightly reflective element for an attractive finished surface.
Please Note: This product is not suitable for barefoot traffic.

Traction ProGrip 900 Resists

  • Chemicals
  • Most Acids
  • Salt Spray
  • General Weathering
  • Steel Wheel Traffic

 Traction ProGrip 900:  Non Slip Coating | Industrial Coating | Chemical Resistant Coating 

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