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Underwater Concrete Crack Filler/Repair

WaterTron Epoxy XLT


  • 100% Solids Epoxy
  • Repairs Underwater Cracks on Concrete Structures Moisture Insensitive
  • Fresh Or Salt Water

WaterTron Epoxy XLT effectively fills underwater hairline cracks in structural concrete as a low-viscosity pourable liquid. This two-component underwater concrete crack filler uses its density to displace water from submerged cracks for strong adhesion in both fresh and salt water. As a 100% solids epoxy WaterTron XLT cures within hours, bonding to surrounding masonry with Shore D hardness —including concrete structures in freshwater, industrial, and marine environments. And to ensure maximum penetration in hard-to–reach or deep cracks, or cracks exposed to strong currents, WaterTron XLT can be paired with Crete Repair UWP to block up cracks by working from the outside in.

Recommended Areas of Use: Concrete pilings • Seawalls • Spillways • Dams • Piers • Locks and canals • Concrete tanks • Ponds • Pools • Elevator pits

Pourable Liquid

As a pourable liquid, WaterTron Epoxy XLT penetrates and fills hairline cracks with a low enough viscosity to allow for easy handling, yet a high enough density to force out fresh or salt water for a permanent bond to structural concrete. WaterTron Epoxy XLT can be poured or injected into submerged vertical or horizontal cracks from 1/16” to 1/8” wide, If necessary, WaterTron Epoxy XLT can be fed into hairline cracks through a mountable injection port. As this underwater concrete crack repair is designed for underwater applications, it is ideal for repairing cracks in submerged concrete pilings or columns, as well as structures exposed to salt water or harsh elements, such as bridges, seawalls, piers, and harbors. WaterTron Epoxy XLT can also produce excellent results on damp or wet substrates where contact with water is unavoidable. 

Use with Crete Repair UWT

WaterTron XLT works well in conjunction with Crete Repair UWP, an underwater concrete crack repair paste. We recommend using Crete Repair UWP to seal the crack’s exterior, leaving space at the upper and lower ends of the crack for WaterTron Epoxy XLT to be injected at the top and run out at the bottom. Once injected, this underwater concrete crack filler settles down into the crack, forcing water out as gravity pulls WaterTron Epoxy XLT toward the bottom of the hole. Additional layers of Crete Repair UWP can be used to fill in the entry and exit holes and to strengthen the patch. Together these two industrial-strength products work to thoroughly seal any underwater hairline cracks in submerged concrete, cement or masonry.

Impervious to Moisture and Salt

WaterTron Epoxy XLT is moisture insensitive and performs very well in both fresh and salt water. This excellent, easy-to-use product is packaged in 3-gallon or 15-gallon kits; simply mix parts A and B together at a 2:1 mix ratio. No primer is necessary before applying WaterTron Epoxy XLT and a topcoat is optional (if underwater, a top is unnecessary). Depending on the water temperature, this underwater concrete crack filler dries to the touch within 6-10 hours. It can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees F or as high as 90 degrees F, allowing for a wide range of application conditions. WaterTron Epoxy XLT brings high tensile, compressive, and flexural strength to the table, matching the strength of the structural concrete that it repairs, which makes this a top choice for industry professionals.

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