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Underwater Concrete Repair Epoxy

Crete Repair UWP


Concrete Pipe • Piers • Tanks • Drains • Pilings • Support Columns • Pools

Crete Repair UWP fills damp, saturated, or underwater cracks in concrete masonry as an easily mixed 100% solids epoxy paste. This underwater concrete repair epoxy has extremely strong tensile and compressive strength, making it ideal for tough environments such as pilings, piers, and support columns as well as high-traffic areas such as driveway drains and pool decks. Crete Repair UWP stops leaks and seepage and thus maintains the structural integrity of concrete structures while saving you valuable time and money.

This underwater concrete repair epoxy is designed to bond with damp or submerged concrete and cures normally in spite of exposure to water. This makes even shallow underwater repairs to submerged pilings or support columns possible, as well as areas designed to hold water, such as concrete water tanks, spill ways, and concrete pipes. No need to drain tanks or dry floors— Crete Repair UWP is the perfect solution to fill cracks that allow harmful seepage in or let needed water out. Use Crete Repair UWP in areas susceptible to wet weather (such as loading docks), or in high-humidity environments (like shower or sauna floors). And because this underwater concrete repair epoxy functions like a paste, patching cracks, holes, or leaks in vertical, overhead, or rounded surfaces can be easily accomplished.

Used By:

  • Aquatic and marine industries
  • Docks and shipping yards
  • Aquaculture operations
  • Water treatment plants
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Contractors
  • Homeowners
  • Pool repair professionals
  • Divers

Crete Repair UWP—Use Underwater or in Damp Environments

Easy Application Repair Epoxy

While other underwater repair products may require heating or priming, Crete Repair UWP needs only simple mixing of parts A and B with a non-critical 2:1 mix ratio. The resulting paste works easily into holes or cracks and dries to the touch within a few hours. On floors or other horizontal surfaces, Crete Repair UWP is ready for light foot traffic or additional coats within 24 hours or less. This ease of application gives Crete Repair UWP a distinct advantage for locations that are difficult to access—or in wet, unpredictable weather. In addition, this underwater concrete repair epoxy can bond to wet substrates in temperatures as low as 35ï‚°F or as high as 90ï‚°F, which allows you to tackle a wider range of projects throughout the year. This wide temperature range makes Crete Repair UWP a top product for aquascape and aquaculture professionals and marine industries.

Crete Repair UWP is packaged in 3-gallon or 15-gallon kits and does not require a primer or topcoat.

Reinforces Cracks with Outstanding Strength

With outstanding tensile strength, compressive strength, and hardness, Crete Repair UWP is the obvious choice for repairing cracked, submerged masonry. This underwater concrete repair epoxy displaces water for a strong, permanent bond that will not peel or blister despite saturation. As the paste fills holes and other defects it reinforces the surrounding concrete, giving greater strength and durability. As a 100% solids paste, Crete Repair UWP can be thickly coated on horizontal surfaces, bringing extra sturdiness to floors, concrete slabs, drains, and piers. Crete Repair UWP also bonds readily to itself, allowing for multiple coats as needed.

Choose Crete Repair UWP whenever you need an excellent, easy-to-use underwater concrete repair epoxy that permanently mends defects in wet or submerged concrete.

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