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Transparent Reflective Safety Coating



Reach for ReflectaKote when you need a reflective safety coating that blends into your existing painted, metal, fabric or concrete surfaces yet powerfully reflects light for high visibility. ReflectaKote is a semi-transparent aerosol spray delivering imbedded reflective glass beads for a safety coating that collects, concentrates, and reflects direct light sources. This transparent reflective safety coating dries within 10 minutes and covers approximately 15 square feet of surface area.

Highly Reflective • Fast-Drying Aerosol Spray

Increases Visibility

ReflectaKote dramatically improves the visibility (and safety) of equipment, people, and traffic. This transparent reflective safety coating makes tools, parking signs, and walkways stand out in the beam of flashlights or headlights byreflecting direct light with imbedded glass beads. By catching the attention of night traffic, ReflectaKote can prevent accidents and injuries while still blending into its surroundings in the daytime. What a tremendous benefit to people and machinery on the move at night—or areas that see high traffic in the dark!

Bonds to Any Surface

ReflectaKote’s durable, highly visible properties come from the thousands of tiny glass beads imbedded in the semi-transparent coating. These beads keep ReflectaKote long-lasting, waterproof, and highly reflective.However, the transparency of ReflectaKote allows the base color to show through, making it an ideal product when color matters for items such as house numbers and mailboxes, or even snowmobiles and bicycles.

Protect industrial equipment, professional environments, household tools, and recreational vehicles with ReflectaKote’s highly visible safety coating. No other transparent safety coating works harder to highlight hard hats, safety vests, storage containers, safety cabinets, loading docks, and heavy equipment.

ReflectaKote bonds well to both porous and non-porous surfaces, including metal, fabric, concrete, asphalt, masonry, stucco, wood, plastic, and rubber.

ReflectaKote has also proven highly effective on equipment used in all-weather environments, such as docks, snowmobiles, tents, ATVs, and even running shoes. Homeowners apply ReflectaKote to mailboxes, steps, walkways, and house numbers—areas where visibility is both important and helpful—as well as less stationary objects like pet collars and garbage bins.

Use at home or at work to outline walkways, highlight signs, alert traffic to potential hazards, or make vehicles, clothing, or machinery more visible. Trade in reflective tape for this transparent safety coating, as ReflectaKote allows you to paint objects constantly on the move (runners, pets, vehicles, safety vests) or stationery objects (rocks, pilings, docks, containers, curbs, and steps).

ReflectaKote is suitable for indoor or outdoor application and can be applied between 40 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Highlight Your:

Mailboxes Bicycles House Numbers Water Valves Safety Cabinets Rocks Steps Fences Curbs & Railings Road Signs Traffic Lines Exit Signs Light Switches Automobiles Trailers Boats Clothing Running Shoes Traffic Cones RVs Snowmobiles ATVs Motorcycles Pet Collars Safety Vests & Helmets Buoys Signs Heavy Equipment Docks and Piers Parking Lots Pilings and Columns Tools First Aid Kits & Cases Strollers Life Preservers Loading Docks

Easy to Apply

This easy-to-apply transparent coating is packaged in 12 ounce(net weight) aerosol spray cans with a 2 year shelf life. Cans are packaged in cases of 2, 6, 12 or 24. The circular spray pattern evenly mists the imbedded beads within liquid safety coating. ReflectaKote can be applied in multiple layers for the desired level of reflective intensity. Once applied, ReflectaKote dries to the touch and can be recoated within 10 minutes. Each 12 ounce (net weight) can covers approximately 15 square feet of surface area.

Choose ReflectaKote for a versatile, durable reflective safety coating with enough transparency to allow your equipment, clothing, and structures to show their true colors.

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