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Self Leveling Epoxy Resurfacer/Coating

Fusion Kote 400


A Three Component Epoxy Finishing & Resurfacing Compound

Toughest Epoxy For Creating a New Cap On Concrete 

  • Chemical Resistant
  • High Gloss
  • Easy To Use
  • 100% Solids

At the top of all self leveling epoxy coatings/resurfacers, Fusion Kote 400 is the finest product available for applying a new finish to worn or moderately eroded concrete floors. It is a 100% solids product and does not shrink when cured. This product exhibits excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and can be applied with a smooth or non slip finish. Fusion Kote 400 is packed in kit form consisting of 3 parts which include a liquid resin, liquid catalyst and special light weight quartz silica. This special aggregate strengthens Fusion Kote 400 by greatly enhancing its compressive and tensile strength. After the catalyst and resin are thoroughly mixed, the aggregate is slowly poured into the material continuing to mix slowly. The mixed material is applied by a notched squeegee. The coated area is then rolled with a spiked roller which prevents possible bubbles in coating. The quartz silica (aggregate) settles to bottom after spreading and leaves a brilliant, mirror like finish. When a non slip finish is required, a fine grit aluminum oxide or silica sand may be broadcast over entire surface before curing occurs.

A hand operated “seeder” spreader can be used for broadcasting non slip aggregates.This should be done after the surface has been back rolled with a spike roller. To broadcast non slip aggregate in larger areas, spiked shoes should be worn to walk on wet surface. This type spiked shoe will prevent visible surface flaws in coating. Fusion Kote 400 is recommended for industrial plants, production areas, warehouses as well as garage floors, bathroom floors and other areas where a seamless, cleanable and abrasion resistant coating is desired.

It is recommended that an aliphatic clear coating be applied in all areas where vehicles are parked. Plasticizer migration from rubber tires may penetrate into Fusion Kote 400 leaving a stain like appearance. A clear and chemical resistant urethane coating will prevent these stains from occurring. This type of topcoat will provide added endurance and protection for Fusion Kote 400. We recommend UltraThane, an aliphatic and chemical resistant urethane for top coating. One coat of clear is recommended and will eliminate the possibility of plasticizer migration. Top coating with UltraThane provides for longer gloss retention and protects the mirror like finish for many years.

In addition to providing a smooth, glossy and cleanable surface, Fusion Kote 400 protects concrete floors and eliminates “concrete dusting”. Many types of production equipment are adversely affected when dust settles into mechanical parts which will attribute to premature and excessive wear. Fusion Kote 400 eliminates the possibility of concrete dusting that occurs from untreated concrete.

This self leveling epoxy coating/resurfacer greatly improves light reflectance and has a high resistance to UV. Automatic scrubbing machines can be used on Fusion Kote 400 and most degreasing solutions will not adversely affect this coating. Fusion Kote 400 is available in 3 standard colors. Clear, Gray and Tile Red. A total of 17 colors are available. All colored versions of coating are premixed and do not require a color additive. All special colors require a 10 gallon minimum order. Please see color chart by clicking the link at the top or bottom of this page. All colored versions are mixed at a 1:1 ratio by volume and the clear version is mixed at a 2:1 ratio by volume. Approximately 14 pounds of silica aggregate are added to each mixed gallon of Fusion Kote 400 making this self leveling epoxy coating/resurfacer the strongest available.

All areas to be coated must be cleaned with a suitable cleaner/degreaser to remove all oils, greases and other contaminants. The surface should then be abraded with a 60 grit sanding disc or may be acid etched with a suitable inhibited hydrochloric solution.. Both of these methods provide a “profile” to insure proper adhesion of Fusion Kote 400. Proper preparation of surface is critical for satisfactory and long lasting results. Our Technical team is happy to assist you via telephone should you have questions concerning preparation or installation.

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