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Primer For Green Concrete

Fast Track Epoxy Primer


  • Eliminates Mechanical Abrasion Or Shotblasting On Freshly Poured Slabs
  • Can Be Applied 8 Hours After Pouring Concrete

Fast Track Epoxy Primer is a three-component waterborne-epoxy that can be used as a green concrete primer, as a concrete curing compound, and/or as a moisture vapor treatment.  Fast Track Epoxy Primer is a moisture tolerant primer that offers superior penetration and super adhesion to green concrete slabs. This primer is 36% solids and is intended to be used beneath epoxy and urethane coatings and also broadcast and troweled systems. Where concrete is properly designed, using Fast Track Epoxy Primer allows other concrete coatings to be applied to green concrete within the usual 28 day concrete curing window. Fast Track Epoxy Primer literally does what its name suggests; it puts new construction on the fast track. Further streamlining the construction process, application of the primer within 8 hours of pour takes away the need for shotblasting and mechanical abrasion of the freshly poured slabs. This primer for green concrete actually seals the surface of the slab, and  literally no mechanical preparation is required if the primer is applied within 8 hours of pour.

Use As A:

  • Green Concrete Primer
  • Concrete Curing Compound
  • Moisture Vapor Treatment

In addition to its usage as an excellent primer for green concrete, Fast Track Epoxy Primer can act as a concrete curing compound which improves the physical properties of the concrete by allowing correct hydration.  This primer meets ASTM C-309 requirements for use as a concrete curing compound. Fast Track Epoxy Primer’s third excellent usage is as a moisture vapor treatment. In only one coat, Fast Track Epoxy Primer can reduce water vapor levels from levels up to 8 pounds per 1,000 square feet to come down below the acceptable level of 3 pounds per 1,000 square feet. In order to apply Fast Track Epoxy Primer as a moisture vapor treatment, a shotblasted surface is required.

 Superior Penetration | Superior Adhesion

Fast Track Epoxy Primer offers low odor and low VOC. It is a moisture resistant primer that can be applied effectively even where moisture is present. In addition to its numerous other benefits (including strong adhesion and exceptional penetration to green concrete substrates), Fast Track Epoxy Primer also dries quickly and offers a fast cure time of 3-4 hours  at 77°F (25°C) and 50% relative humidity.

Moisture Tolerant  Dries Fast  Low Odor  Low VOC

Fast Track Epoxy Primer is available in pre-proportioned kits which consist of a gallon size (3.78 L) can of Resin and a short-filled five gallon (18.9 L) pail of Hardener. Each kit yields 4.75 gallons (17.9 L) of mixed product after the required reduction with water.

The coverage range varies depending on whether it is applied as a green concrete primer or as a moisture vapor treatment. As a green concrete primer, Fast Track Epoxy Primer will yield about 150-250 sq.ft./gal. (45 sq.m-76 sq.m/3.78 L) on a non-blasted surface. As a moisture vapor treatment, Fast Track Epoxy Primer will yield about 150-200 sq.ft./gal. (45 sq.m-61 sq.m/3.78 L) on a blasted surface. The recoat time is 14 to 48 hours (at 77°F, 25°C), and the pot life of this primer for green concrete is approximately 2 hours (at 77°F, 25°C, and 50% relative humidity). Note that the minimum substrate temperature is 60°F (15.5°C) and the maximum substrate temperature is 85°F (30°C). This product is not meant for exterior use, immersion, or use where moisture can get in beneath the resurfacer.

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