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Shop Floor Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Kote 100


100% Solids

  • Economical Protective Coating
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

Epoxy Kote 100 is an economical, high solids, two component, epoxy coating and binder. This general purpose epoxy is formulated for use as a coating or binder for pigmented slurry / broadcast systems. This clear shop floor epoxy coating is intended for applications that call for medium to high build, as it provides 5-10 mils of thickness after one coat. Epoxy Kote 100 is low odor producing and is USDA approved. This economical base coat offers excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion and improved clarity. This high solids coating naturally dries clear; however, if desired, a wide range of colors may be achieved by mixing in epoxy color additives. Epoxy Kote 100 is easy to apply and easy to clean, and, unlike bare concrete or grouted tile floors, it won’t harbor bacteria. Epoxy Kote 100 is ideal for use on concrete floors that are subject to chemical spills and/or abrasion, such as warehouse floors, production areas, packaging facilities, storage facilities, retail centers, workshop floors, tool room floors, garage floors, break room floors, locker room floors, bathroom floors, and more.

Use On:

Warehouses   Production Floors   Service Bays
Light Industrial Manufacturing Facilities
Packaging Facilities Workshop Floors
Tool Room Floors Garage Floors Break Room Floors
Locker Room Floors Bathroom Floors

 Medium To High Build After One Coat | Easy To Apply & Easy To Clean

In order to ensure the best possible adhesion to the floor, we highly recommend that you use Superior Industries’ #1107 Epoxy Primer before applying Epoxy Kote 100. #1107 Epoxy Primer is a two component, low viscosity epoxy primer that forms a tough but flexible film. This high solids primer offers excellent penetration and superior adhesion. It is moisture tolerant and stress relieving, featuring very low VOC’s, low tensile modulus, and high tensile elongation. #1107 Epoxy Primer is very resilient and will bring about strong adhesion when used in concert with Epoxy Kote 100. #1107 Epoxy Primer is available in both 3 gallon kits and 15 gallon kits.

Use With #1107 Epoxy Primer

Epoxy Kote 100 is available in both 3 Gallon Kits and 15 Gallon Kits. The 3 gallon kit has an oversized resin container for easy mixing; The 15 gallon kit requires mixing in a separate container. The approximate coverage range of Epoxy Kote 100 is 160-320 sq ft (14.86-29.7 sq m) per gallon (5-10 mils w.f.t.) or 480-960 sq ft (44.6-89.1 sq m) per 3 Gallon Kit over primed, dense, and relatively smooth concrete. Note that the actual coverage of this shop floor epoxy coating will vary based on how porous the floor is and whether or not a primer is used. Epoxy Kote 100 is a clear liquid, but it can be used in conjunction with epoxy color additives if pigmentation is desired.

Available In 3 Gallon Kits & 15 Gallon Kits
Two Components: Resin & Hardener

Instructions:  We recommend that you thoroughly read all application instructions on the product label before applying Epoxy Kote 100. Because surface preparation is important to successful adhesion, be sure the application surface is sound, clean, level, and dry before you begin application. The mixing ratio by volume is two parts resin to one part hardener  (2:1 by volume). If using with an epoxy color additive for pigmentation, follow mixing directions on the additive’s product label. If using the 3 Gallon Kit, pour the hardener (Part “H”) into the can of resin (Part “R”). If using the 15 Gallon Kit, pour a ratio of two parts resin to one part hardener in a clean mixing container. Mix with a low speed jiffy mixer for 2-3 minutes or until fully blended. Mix only what will be used within the product’s pot life. Self-leveling slurry: add Part “C” to the blended hardener and resin components and mix for 90 seconds with the low speed jiffy mixer. Apply after mixing by pouring a ribbon-like bead onto the application surface and spreading evenly with a flat or notched squeegee. Back roll with a high quality 3/8 inch nap roller and after 10 minutes use a plastic loop roller or porcupine roller to remove all remaining bubbles. Protect the freshly coated floor from water, dampness, and condensation for at least one full day. Recoat within 12 to 24 hours, or, if more than 24 hours has elapsed, screen the surface before adding further coats. Do not apply Epoxy Kote 100 if the surface temperature is not between 60°F (15.5°C) and 85°F (30°C). Do not use a thinner. Do not immerse this shop floor epoxy coating or use where moisture can get in beneath it. Epoxy Kote 100 is not intended for use on exterior, on-grade substrates.

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