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Chimney Rust Treatment Kit

Chim-Care 100


  • Rust Proofs Metal Chimney Caps
  • Removes Rust Stains

Fast & Easy To Use

Used By:
Home Owners, Apartments, Condos, Town Homes, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Resorts

A Chimney Rust Treatment Kit designed to rust proof metal chimney caps and remove rust stains, Chim-Care 100 is the product of choice for eliminating rust on metal chimney caps and removing those unsightly rust stains from painted surfaces, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, block, brick, stucco and concrete caused by chimney caps, sprinklers and metal objects exposed to rust causing conditions. 

As metal chimney caps corrode and rust over time, each rainfall carries this stain causing problem which spreads and migrates over all types of surfaces depositing extremely “hard to remove” rust stains. Rust Magic eliminates these stains once and for all. Each Chim-Care 100 kit contains 1 can of Zin Kote 601, an easy to use aerosol pure zinc coating designed to stop metal from rusting and prevent future corrosion for many years. In addition, each kit includes “Rust Magic” rust stain remover. Rust Magic is simply sprayed over rust stains and in minutes, “stains are gone”. Two spray bottles are included with each kit as some stains may require two applications. Rust Magic is not recommended for use on stains caused by fertilizer products. Rinsing with garden hose is recommended.

Avoid Contact With Glass and Copper.

Before applying Zin Kote 601 to metal chimney cap, it is suggested a wire brush be used to remove any loose rust. This procedure also creates a profile insuring good adhesion of Zin Kote 601. This method insures many years of rust proof protection.

After Zin Kote 601 is applied to metal cap and has cured, color enamel may be applied when color matching is desired. Zin Kote 601 is compatible with most latex and oil based enamels.

This Chimney Rust Treatment Kit eliminates chimney cap rusting once and for all. Zin Kote 601 is sprayed over the entire metal surface. That’s IT!!! No more rust and NO more Rust Stains. Zin Kote 601 will cover the entire cap of chimney. This includes the top sheet metal portion as well as the 2 to 4” lip that wraps around chimney. It is recommended a water hose be used to wash away any lose or foreign debris before Zin Kote 601 is applied. Allow sufficient time for metal to dry before applying Zin Kote 601. When applying Zin Kote 601, the area should be masked to prevent over spray from being deposited in unwanted areas. A lightweight piece of cardboard is excellent and can be cut and taped to prevent overspray from reaching vinyl siding, brick, stone etc. 

Rust Magic is also very effective for removing stains on vinyl coated fence and works well on most vinyl fabrics such as outdoor umbrellas. Rust Magic removes all Rust Stains caused from chimney cap rust migration or from other sources.This includes Vinyl Siding, Stucco, Most Fiberglass, Masonry, Concrete Block, Metal and most other hard materials. Rust Magic is simply sprayed on all rust stain areas and allowed to dry for several minutes. As drying occurs, rust stains disappear. This process will take from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the concentration of stain. After 10 minutes, if rust stain has not completely disappeared, simply apply Rust Magic again. A noticeable fading of stain should be visible after first application. With most stains, one application of Rust Magic is all that’s needed.

“RUST STAINS DISAPPEAR”. This rust stain remover is packaged in easy to use polyethylene quart size bottles and a special sprayer is included with each kit. All kits include 2 quart bottles of Rust Magic.

Chart of Materials Rust Magic may be used on:

Severe*  Heavy* Regular* Medium* Light*
1:1** 1:4** 1:10** 1:15** 1:25**
Asphalt Asphalt Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Block Block Asphalt Asphalt Asphalt
Brick Brick Block Block Block
Concrete Concrete Brick Brick Brick
Drives Drives Concrete Concrete Concrete
Shell Shell Drives Drives Drives
Stone Stone Paint Plastics Plastics
Stucco Stucco Plastics Shell Shell
    Stone Stone Stone
    Stucco Stucco Stucco
    Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl

* Cleaning Type

** Recommended dilution Ratio: Parts Rust Magic to Parts Water (Parts Rust Magic:Parts Water) 

Chart of Materials: Rust Magic may be used on the following products

Note: Follow material up to find recommended starting dilution

Please note the information contained herein should be used as a starting point. There are undoubtedly many more used for this product not mentioned here. Remember to always do a test cleaning in a inconspicuous area to determine dilution and material compatibility for the job being performed.

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