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  • Aerosol Products

    Over 70 custom formulations including synthetic lubricants, hi temperature coatings, sealants and an easy to use non slip epoxy coating available in 9 Colors & in Clear. In addition, the most effective Instant Leak Repair for use on RV's, Rooftops, Gutters etc.

  • Architectural Products

    A comprehensive line-up of products for Architectural Construction and Design ranging from reinforced Wall Coatings for Surgery Rooms, Clean Rooms; to Seemless Epoxy Floor Coatings eliminates bacteria growth, mildew etc.

  • Concrete Products

    Concrete Products known worldwide including Construction, Structural Repair, Coatings & Water Repellents for Masonry. In addition, 15 Minute Polyruea Concrete Patch, Sprayable Concrete & Masonry Repair Mortars that are potable water safe.

  • Equipment

    An in depth selection of applicator tools including mixing equipment, roller frames & roller covers for coatings application. Trowels and other tools used for epoxy concrete crack and cap repair.

  • Roofing Products

    Reflective Coatings designed to reduce energy costs as well as reinforcing fabrics used in the repair of flashings, chimneys etc. Our Sentry Seal 100, trowelable roof leak cement for fast & effective 10 year repairs. Excellent for flashings, parapet walls, seems etc.

  • Safety Products

    A vast lineup of non slip safety coatings designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications on wood, steel, concrete, figerglass & asphalt.. In addition, safety tapes and pre fabricated aluminum non slip stair treads.

  • Specialty Products

    Highly specialized swimming pool coatings, tennis court resurfacers and coatings as well as UV activated permanent repair for PVC Pipe, Fiberglass & many other materials. In addition, our Surface Pro 600 asphalt pothole repair.

  • Synthetic Lubricants

    A comprehensive lineup of the most highly specialized lubricants on the market today. Includes Synthetic Greases, Oils, Silicones, Graphite, Anti Seize and Molybdenum Based Extreme Temperature Lubricants. In addition, Non Toxic, USDA and FDA Approved.