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Non Slip Epoxy Coating

Traction Kote 400

9 Colors | Aerosol & 1 Gallon Containers

The Ultimate Safeguard Against Slips & Falls
Ensures Safe Surfaces For Foot Traffic | Helps Stop Slip Injuries

 When safety needs to come first, choose Traction Kote 400 – the ultimate safeguard against slips and falls. Designed especially for preventing slip hazards from ever becoming a reality, Traction Kote 400 is a textured finish floor coating that is formulated for both interior and exterior use. You can apply this premium floor coating to multiple surface types, including: wood, concrete, asphalt, steel, aluminum, tile, porcelain, fiberglass, and more. It contains an extremely tough epoxy binder and cures to a hard, flat finish. This slip-resistant coating is ideal for use on: steps, ladders, ramps, loading docks, step pads, pool decks, diving boards, running boards, marine docks, boats, around industrial equipment, locker rooms, and public restrooms. It is also excellent for use on: playground equipment, hallways, walkways, shower rooms, fiberglass tubs and shower stalls, entrance ramps, handicapped areas, golf cart bridges, pedestrian overhead walkways, sports facilities, grandstands, and many more. 

 Cost Effective | Long Lasting
Super Tough Epoxy Binder | Synthetic Grit Has No Sharp Edges

Apply To: Wood • Concrete • Asphalt • SteelAluminum • Tile • Porcelain • Fiberglass 

If sure footing is a must, Traction Kote 400 is a sure thing. The textured surface it creates on most surfaces (including porous and non-porous surfaces) is all it takes to eliminate slippery conditions before they arise and cause harm. This popular anti-slip floor coating is our biggest seller in its genre. It’s the same great Superior Industries’ formula that we’ve offered for years, but now it’s available in many new colors as well as in one gallon bulk containers. See the Color Chart for visuals of Traction Kote 400’s 9 great colors. 

 Use On

• Steps • Ladders • Ramps • Loading Docks • Step Pads • Pool Decks • Diving Boards • Marine Docks • Boats
• Around Industrial Equipments • Locker Rooms • Public Restrooms •Playground Equipment • Hallways • Walkways
• Shower Rooms • Fiberglass Tubs & Shower Stalls • Entrance Ramps • Handicapped Areas • Golf Cart Bridges
• Pedestrian Overhead Walkways • Sports Facilities • Grandstands • Running Boards

This silicone modified solvent-based epoxy is especially ideal for use wherever water is present or slippery conditions are likely to exist, such as in swimming pool areas (pool ladders, steps, walkways, decks, and diving boards), gym and spa locations (locker rooms, shower stalls, bathtubs, steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs), and marine areas (boat decks, boat steps, bow surfaces, ladders, swim platforms, cockpits). This anti-slip floor coating is used by: apartment buildings, offices, schools, municipalities, nursing homes, hospitals, marinas, warehouses, shipping operations, garages, machine shops, construction companies, and industrial plants. 

Easy To Apply | Sets Up Quickly | No Mixing | No Clean Up

Comes In 9 Colors Including Clear

Areas Of Use:  • Marine • Commercial • Residential • Light Industrial
Used By:

• Apartment Buildings • Offices • Schools • Municipalities • Nursing Homes
• Hospitals • Marinas • Warehouses • Shipping Operations • Garages • Machine Shops
•Construction Companies • Industrial Plants

This one-part product does not require any mixing and completely eliminates waste and clean up time. The synthetic grit that creates the textured finish does not contain any sharp edges. It is super tough and holds on strong, thanks to the epoxy binder within. Depending on the type and frequency of traffic, Traction Kote 400 will last up to a whole year. This reliable non-skid coating is the most efficient and cost effective way to coat a small area. Apply this product with ease to irregularly shaped surfaces and to all the places that “grit-tape” is not applicable.


Choose From The Easy To Use Aerosol Spray Cans

Or The Easy To Apply Roll-On Liquid Traction Kote 400

Traction Kote 400 is available in all 9 colors (including clear) in both 12 ounce (net weight) aerosol cans and 1 gallon bulk containers. The bulk 1 gallon can contains the same great solvent based epoxy as the aerosol can, so you can simply choose which method of application you desire. As far as coverage is concerned, each 12 ounce aerosol can will cover about 26 square feet, and each bulk 1 gallon can will cover approximately 225-250 square feet. Proper application of Traction Kote 400 is simple: sand the area, use masking tape to outline the area, apply aerosol paint by spraying on or bulk gallon paint by using a 3/8 inch solvent-resistant roller, and let dry. Depending on the humidity and weather conditions at the time of application, it may take 4-6 hours to dry. See the Tech Data sheet for detailed application instructions. Prevent dangerous conditions by applying Traction Kote 400 anti-slip floor coating today; You’ll be grateful you did. 

5 Gallon Containers of all colors are available by special order only. Please allow 10-14 days lead time. 

We at Superior welcome your questions and inquiries. Call us anytime toll free at 800.476.2072.
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